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Quad pictures by Viv Lee ©

Who we are

Belgian Business Manager and ex moto crosser, arranges round trips in the Corbières mountains region bordering departments 11-66.

We visit incredible sites, inaccessible by cars and completely off grid from the known tourist attractions.


The unique feeling of being in control of a 4x4 all terrain vehicle, experiencing incredible experiences at your own pace and all this away from the known tourist traps of the region. The new quads are Kymco MCU 550i which due to the dry climate, are equipped with a ‘spark arrester’ that completely eliminates the danger of sparks through the exhaust and also ensures that the noise is kept to the minimum.

Rental of quads in the Catheres region, ( Tuchan, Paziols, Tautavel, Padern, Vingrau…) and the Corbières of the Languedoc Roussilion.

Various guided tours are available according to the experience of the participants.

Please note that reservation is necessary.

Novice Course: ( this comes with a discount

of 20 € for all other courses)

  • Presentation of quad and familiarisation of the controls

  • A round trip both on and off road

  • Trip about 15 km

  • Duration about 1hr

  • Price 65 € - 50€


Normal Course: 

  • Round trip both on and off road with limited difficulty, (eg river passages)            

  • Trip about 25 km

  • Duration about 2 hr

  • Price  100€


Advanced Course:

  • Tour through the Corbières Mountains both on and off road. This presents more difficulty such as dirt roads, river passages, boulders and stones, steep paths both up and down

  • Trip about 60 km

  • Duration is between 2 to 3 hours depending on breaks along the way

  • Price 150€


Challenging / Off Road Course

  • This tour is reserved  for the experienced quad bikers or those who have practised quad riding regularly

  • First part of the tour is through the mountains of the Corbières

  • The second part of the tour is with several difficult levels such as mountain roadways, off road with cambers, stone strewn passages. Experience and skill is necessary

  • Trip is about 110km

  • Duration is between 3 to 4 hours depending on breaks along the way

  • Price  200€



Personalised Trips

You have the option to add any of the following :


  • A wine tasting at the local winery

  • A picnic at a unique location

  • A visit to an archaeological site or a museum

  • A visit to Chateaux Cathares:                           Aguilar, Quéribus, Nouvelle 


We can collect participants in a radius of 10 km.

We speak four languages : French, English, Dutch and German




  • Must have a valid driving licence category A or higher

  • Minimum of 18 years old

  • Clothing: long sleeve tee-shirt, long trousers and closed shoes are necessary

  • Helmets and gloves are provided.


Discount coupons are available in local shops or accommodation.

Gift vouchers are available and are valid for one year.




Telephone: 06 76 53 13 94

Email :

Website: Please use the reservation form.




The team of

Tous nos guides sont diplomés par la FFM où en formation-stage par la FFM.


Route de Corbieres 18

11350 Paziols

Tel: 06 76 53 13 94

Opening hours:


Monday - Friday: 7hr - 18hr

​​Saturday: 8hr - 18hr​

Sunday: 9hr - 17hr

Thanks for submitting!

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